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  • A win-win situation for borrowers at Mortgageport

    Most home loan experts would say that the secret to their success is customer service. Being able to ensure a pleasant and satisfying experience for the borrower is key to creating a wide customer base, and is in many ways what defines the quality of any individual mortgage manager.

    The question is, if pressed, how many of those same experts could tell you about what makes their customer service so exceptional? Most likely, they would draw a blank.

    By contrast, the specialists at Mortgageport know exactly what it is that makes their customer service stand out from the competition. Mortgageport Managing Director Glen Spratt spoke on this topic in a recent interview.

    The principles of good customer service

    According to Mr Spratt, what ultimately defines the Mortgageport ethos is a symbiotic relationship with a borrower.

    “We only win if the customer wins,” he explained.

    This attitude translates into several principles that Mortgageport’s mortgage managers apply to their daily work.

    The first is flexibility.

    “We don’t have a nine-to-five attitude,” Mr Spratt continued. “If a loan needs to be approved today, our guys aren’t going to catch their 4:55 train to get home and watch the 6 o’clock news. They’re going to stay back and get that deal approved.”

    Not only that, but Mortgageport aims to work with the customer’s needs and schedule: Whether a customer prefers to come to the office, talk after hours or meet at their own place of work, a Mortgageport mortgage manager will be able to speak with them.

    The second principle is speed. Individuals sometimes need a loan approved as quickly as possible – for example, if they’re about to go to an auction. In this case, because of the urgency involved, the Mortgageport team can prioritise that particular loan. And because they’re used to dealing with more complex transactions – from construction loans to home loans for self-employed persons – they can get it done quicker than the average lender.

    The final principle is expertise. Rather than being salespeople, the Mortgageport team are specialists when it comes to lending – a title they hold not because they can accurately guess what will happen with a loan, but because they know. The Mortgageport staff are qualified accountants or are trained in that area, and have dealt with business banking lending all of their working lives.

    “You can’t buy that experience, and you can’t get it overnight,” Mr Spratt explained. “That takes a lifetime to build up.”

    The proof is in the loan approvals

    The results of this overall attitude are clear when looking at Mortgageport’s record.

    Mr Spratt pointed out that, in 17 years, Mortgageport has never been found to have done wrong by a borrower, never had a professional insurance claim and never had a finding against it by the Department of Fair Trading or the Credit Ombudsman. It’s probably why 150 accountants trust Mortgageport to take care of their customers.

    Mr Spratt gave an example of the different Mortgageport principles in action. In one case, a client needed an urgent settlement to take place. In order to complete it, one team-member jumped into a car at 6 p.m. on a Tuesday, drove the three hours to Canberra, got the relevant documents signed and drove back, finally reaching home at midnight.

    It’s clear proof that Mortgageport is the only mortgage broker in Sydney you’ll ever need.

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