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  • Why do we have to pay stamp duty?

      A recent online Mortgageport poll found that 100% of respondents believe stamp duty should be abolished. But did you know that for some NSW home buyers, it already has been? What is stamp duty? Stamp duty is a tax charged by the government on the sale of property. It […]

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    Don’t get painted into a corner with your home loan

    When taking out a home loan, most people think of now, instead of years down the line. The mortgage product they choose is there to fit their needs, right there and then. Less people think about whether the home loan product that works for them now is the same one […]

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    Building a solid home loan from the ground up

    A mortgage is a little bit like the very thing you’re hoping to buy with it – a house. It’s not simply a loan, it’s an architectural work that needs to be well put together from top to bottom. While there are myriad elements you need to consider when taking out […]

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    Are Weekly payments better? Do you pay your loan off faster?

    Like a number of borrowers, mortgage payments are set up to be withdrawn from their account over selected pay periods. Some had heard and read that making payments more frequently would reduce the time necessary to pay off the mortgage significantly. Click here to view our full range of calculators […]

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    Mortgage Insurance

    I keep getting told I need Mortgage Insurance if my loan exceeds an 80% loan to security value. Could you please explain what this insurance covers and why it is taken? LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance)  protects lenders against a loss should a borrower default on their home loan. If the […]

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