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  • Looking to refinance or consolidate debt?

    Is your current loan no longer suitable or you want to reduce financial pressure by consolidating?

    If your current home loan is no longer meeting your needs, or you’d just like to secure a better home loan deal, refinancing can be a sensible strategy. Many loans today have flexible features designed to save you money that might not have been available when you first got your loan.

    What is refinancing?

    Refinancing simply means taking out a new home loan to replace your existing mortgage. It’s a strategy that can give you access to a wider range of loan features. Or you may simply need additional loan funds to complete a major project like home improvements. However for many home owners, the key appeal of refinancing lies in the ability to secure a more competitive interest rate.

    How much could I save?

    Refinancing your loan can deliver valuable savings, however there is also a range of costs to consider, and it’s important to check that the savings of refinancing outweigh the expense. Along with upfront charges applicable to the new loan, you may face ‘exit’ fees on your current loan. Refinancing a fixed rate loan could incur ‘break’ costs. In both cases the costs can be substantial.

    Your own personal Mortgage Consultant is here to do the sums for you. We’ll review your current loan to assess its suitability for you both now and in the future, and we’ll ask whether any exit fees or break costs apply if you choose to refinance away from your current lender.

    Our goal is to ensure that refinancing is worthwhile for you, securing the best long term loan for your needs and taking the hassle out of arranging a new loan. We’ll do the leg work for you to move to a new lender.

    MATCH ensures the right choice for you

    Today’s mortgage market offers a wide range of lenders and loans. Mortgageport can help you make the right choice, with access to a broad selection of lenders including some of Australia’s leading banks.

    Mortgageport’s unique loan selection system – MATCH, lets us track down the loan best suited to your needs.  MATCH involves a proven 6-step methodology that takes an
    in-depth look at your situation to provide a thorough understanding of your needs. It lets our mortgage consultants confidently recommend the loan options that are appropriate to your circumstances.

    Best of all, our mortgage broking service is free of charge to our customers – you pay nothing at all.

    Debt Consolidation

    Debt consolidation simply means folding a number of (higher interest) debts into a single loan – typically your mortgage – as the interest rate on home loans tends to be far lower than for other types of credit. Consolidation can be a worthwhile option if you have a number of outstanding debts including personal loans and/or credit cards, which could be charging interest rates approaching 20 per cent.

    The process of debt consolidation is quite simple. Your home equity offers a source of funds to pay out your other debts, leaving you with just one low-interest loan. It can streamline money matters, provide savings on interest charges and offer valuable peace of mind.

    Your experienced Mortgage Consultant can explain how you could benefit from debt consolidation, and find the loan that is right for your individual circumstances.

    We’re here to help. No stress. No hassle.

    Mortgageport is here to help at every step of your journey – from your initial meeting with us through to finalising and settling your new loan arrangements. And we always put your interests first.

    To discuss refinancing, please make contact with one of our Mortgage Consultants on 02 9466 8200 or email us at info@mortgageport.com.au. Our Mortgage Consultant will arrange to meet with you to work out which home loan product suits you best. Alternatively, make an appointment to visit our Milsons Point offices, where it’s possible to have your home loan approved within 24 hours.

    Finally, as you know things do change over time, including not just your own personal circumstances, but also interest rates, home loan products and the economy. As part of our commitment, we’ll review your home loan every two years, to ensure you continue to enjoy the best loan available for your needs. It’s part of Mortgageport’s dedicated service, to be with you every step of the way, making home ownership easy, manageable and more rewarding for you.


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