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  • 3 jobs harder than taking out a self-employed home loan


    Not so long ago, if you happened to be self-employed, you might have had to put your property-buying ambitions on the back burner. “You don’t have a regular income? You can’t provide us with pay slips? Sorry – we can’t help you.”

    Nowadays, however, self-employed buyers have many financing opportunities, and aren’t unfairly shut out from the housing market simply based on the kind of job they do – which is just as well, considering plenty of self-employed workers do some tough jobs as it is!

    In fact, here are some of the toughest self-employed jobs out there. Who knows – one of these might well be your occupation. If so, just remember when you’re on the daily grind: Getting home financing will be much easier than this.


    Mining is an intensely physically demanding profession.Mining is an intensely physically demanding profession.

    According to last year’s figures from the Minerals Council of Australia, the mining industry employs 254,000 people. In fact, it’s forecast that more will be needed – 18,000 extra by 2018. Many of these are contract workers, who fly in to an area to work and fly out when the job is done.

    These hard-working men and women do one of the physically toughest jobs in the country to help keep our economy running, involving digging, drilling, cutting and moving heavy objects to say the least. They risk their safety daily by working in darkness and undertaking demolition, and if all that wasn’t enough, also work shifts at all hours of the day and night. After all that, applying for a self-employed home loan should feel like a breeze!


    Producing 93 per cent of Australians’ daily food is no easy task – just ask any of Australia’s farmers. The National Farmers’ Federation, from whom that statistic comes, tells us that 99 per cent of Australia’s approximately 134,000 farming businesses are family owned and operated. If any of them want to buy a property to invest, they may need to get a self-employed loan.

    Farming can be back-breaking work.Farming can be back-breaking, but rewarding, work.

    Farmers are no strangers to getting up at the crack of dawn and working until the sun stops shining. Days might be spent planting seeds, or it might involve painstakingly getting rid of every weed. At the end of the day, we’re sure a farmer would find it much easier finding their missing business activity statements for their loan.

    Truck drivers

    For most of us, driving a truck sounds like it would be a bit of fun. Who wouldn’t want to operate a huge piece of machinery across Australian neighbourhoods, cities and state lines, seeing all the different faces of the country.

    This driver may be smiling, but might have just finished a 12-hour shift.This driver may be smiling, but might have just finished a 12-hour shift.

    On the other hand, don’t forget these unsung heroes get up at ungodly hours, spend long days away from their loved ones and drive for hours on end with precision-focus, long into the night. For some drivers, that can mean 12-hour shifts behind the wheel! We promise no interview with a mortgage manager will take that long.

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