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  • Whether you’re buying your first home, investing or refinancing, our Borrowing Power Calculator helps you plan and budget for your new home loan, refinancing loan or investment loan. Follow the steps to quickly see how much you can borrow:

    1. Enter your household income and regular expenses
    2. Specify a loan interest rate and over what period of time (loan term) you’ll pay off the loan
    3. Adjust any of these measures and see straight away what your borrowing capacity will be for varied scenarios
    4. For example, see the difference in your borrowing capacity if you pay your loan over 25 years or over 30 years

    How much can I borrow?

    Call 1800 100 747 now to find out how Mortgageport can help you achieve your goals sooner with a loan tailored just for you.

    Find out everything you need to know to make buying our home easier, from planning and budgeting to applying for the First Home Buyer’s Grant in our First Home Buyer’s Guide.

    Learn more about our common loan features in our helpful Information and Tips section.


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