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    Variable home loans with interest rates that adjust with the market interest rates Find out more

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    Home and land buyer Are you looking to build your new home in a suburb you love? We’ll get you on track with expert advice and the best rates on a Construction Loan that’s the perfect fit. Find out more

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    Take control of your retirement savings with a self-managed super fund (SMSF) Property Loan, and be guided by expert advice from Mortgageport. Find out more

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    Mortgage Match System

    We want you to have the best mortgage available now – and in the future. So we developed the Mortgage Match System. It helps us custom design a mortgage to suit your current needs. Plus, it will help us identify when you may need to review your mortgage options. So while other mortgage providers limit their questions to your present financial position, we want to know more.

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      Analysis of your needs

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      Strategy for lending

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      Exploring your options

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      Structuring your solutions

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      Approval and settlement process

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    We’ll help you make the right decision, when we know it’s right for you. Before any informed decisions can be made about what loan product is right for you, careful thought is given to your particular needs and circumstances.

    Once we understand your needs, a loan structure is recommended for you. We do not just look at what products are available and then make you fit into one of these. We work in reverse, identifying what is right for you and then looking at what products deliver this result. This is known as your Lending Strategy. An example of why this is important is tax effectiveness. The wrong loan can end up costing twice as much as it should.

    Once we know your Lending Strategy, we then match your credit profile to a range of lenders to identify which lenders will meet this strategy and where you meet their credit guidelines. Not all lenders do things the same.

    We aim to access the most competitive rates in the market. To help you understand the facts, we will give you a short list of lenders, along with an adjusted interest rate reflecting the “real” cost of each loan over your preferred term – giving you a simple, accurate way of measuring the most suitable and affordable solution. We will also provide information on our experience with these lenders, considering their service standards, as well as outlining how difficult or easy they are to do business with.

    Your choice of loan is vital but that’s only part of the job. We must make sure that your loan gets approved in an easy and prompt manner. Mortgageport does this work for you by completing the necessary paperwork and preparing the loan application for submission. We do all of the negotiation on your behalf to make sure your loan is approved and settled on time.

    What happens if my priorities change? We want to ensure you have peace of mind about your future options. With loans we manage, we offer the Mortgageport Future Proof Loan Commitment. We recognise that your circumstances change over time and the lender may not always deliver what they promise – so if you’re not satisfied with your existing home loan, we’ll arrange for your loan to be rewritten to a more suitable lender. You may choose from our loan portfolio of over 14 major banks, retail mortgage providers and two wholesales lenders. Read more here about how the Mortgageport Future Proof Loan Commitment works.

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    To experience the difference our Mortgage Match System can make to your home loan, call 1800 100 747 or for an appointment.


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