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  • Where are the best places to invest in property in Australia?


    Thinking about buying an investment home, but not sure where the best places to look are? Your specific goals will determine the most appropriate suburbs or regions to concentrate your search, whether you're looking for capital gains over a number of years, or you want to increase your passive income with sound rental yield. You might even be looking at an investment property for an SMSF, and your structure for this might change what the best strategy for your investment is.

    Is Sydney among the best places to invest in property?Is Sydney among the best places to invest in property?

    Investing for capital gains means you should look to growth suburbs for options – the success of your investment will only be realised when, and if, you sell the property for a profit. Investing with rental yield in mind means not overspending on a property that won't have great returns for weekly rent costs, and buying in an area that will be popular among tenants for years to come. An SMSF investment might take either of these strategies on board.

    So, what are you investing for, and where should you look around Australia for the best spot?

    On the (treasure) hunt for capital gains

    Buying for capital gains means looking at suburbs that are going to show strong growth over a number of years. You'll buy at around the current median price (hopefully), and sell down the track when the median price has increased. The higher the increase, the better your profits.

    These are the current strongest growth suburbs around Australia:

    • Clareville, NSW – 49.79 per cent growth in the past year.
    • Bodalla, NSW – 49.39 per cent growth.
    • Red Hill, ACT – 49.21 per cent growth.

    The avid Australian geographer will recognise that the only suburb in that list anywhere near a major city is Red Hill, which has a median house price of $1,240,000, according to Smart Property Investment (SPI). If you can't afford inner-city prices, you'll have more success looking in the major regional centres for capital gains nearing 50 per cent year-on-year.

    Boosting your passive income with rental yield

    Rental yield is the amount of money you'll receive from a year of a tenant paying the average weekly rent price in a suburb.

    Rental yield is the amount of money you'll receive from a year of a tenant paying the average weekly rent price in a suburb, as a percentage of the cost of the home as the median value. The higher the rental yield, the more money you'll be getting from tenants.

    Here are the best suburbs for rental yield in Australia, according to SPI:

    • Katherine East, NT – 21.09 per cent.
    • Loch Sport, VIC – 20.49 per cent.
    • Collinsville, QLD – 18.91 per cent.

    The median house price in Katherine East is just $127,000! You could buy here and rent it out for a great boost to your income with very little initial expense, compared to buying in the rest of the country.

    Whatever you're buying for, make sure you consider all of the options, and don't just settle for something nearby, or cheap. It might not perform as you'd expect. For help getting the appropriate investment property loan, get in touch with Mortgageport today.

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